Friday, October 01, 2004

McDonald's & Salads

I was talking to a colleague today and we were discussing the McDonald's phenomenon. How just a few years ago, McDonald's was one of the most admired companies in the world. Record earnings, opening new stores somewhere around the world every couple of minutes, and generally just a meeting spot to eat and hang out with friends.

But this has changed so much over the last year or has almost become a pariah company. Don't mention the "M" word! Nobody can mention the name "McDonald's" without the fear of being accused of eating such unhealthy, fattening food - such a poor choice of lifestyle! If you believed everything you heard or read about McDonald's, you really could be forgiven for thinking the world's obesity problems are entirely their fault.

While not entirely true, the "guilt by association" factor must be hitting hard. My colleague and I were laughing about the insanity of McDonald's new salad and bottled water range. McDonald's and salads?! What an odd combination. It just doesn't feel right everytime I see a McDonald's salad advert or the big posters of a salad and a bottle of water in the window.

Will McDonald's ever be able to change their reputation as a fast food hamburger outlet? It is so difficult to change perceptions and I don't know whether anyone will ever trust McDonald's enough to provide good-quality health food.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Steve, this is Craig, your team member. Got a question for you to start our blog!
A client of mine (female in her early 20's) has been performing hanging leg raisers in order to tone her lower abdominals. She is looking great! However, she experiences a "clicking" of her hips, not on the side, but in the front. To continue her toning process while possibly alleviating this condition, can you recommend anything for her to do?

This is Craig and Steve. We are the faces that are going to help answer your questions, listen to your rants, and help you to lose weight.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Our New Blog

Welcome to our new Blog!

We are very excited about our new Blog for all our visitors (like a forum with turbo chargers!). This blog will let us share loads of weight loss and dieting info with all of our visitors. Instead of us giving you information we think you need, this blog will let you tell us exactly what info you WANT!

So don't be shy to scream at us, voice your opinions on dieting and weight loss, or ask us questions you have about any weight loss topic. We really value your input and you will help us to develop a forum that helps people all over the world to become healthier.

We will write on this blog every day (maybe not Sundays :o) ) so come and read and give us your words.

Craig and Steve